What If?

What If?

Recently asked how I prevailed through my violently abusive childhood and equally as troubled adulthood (as chronicled in my book,The Other Side of the Bayou), I paused a moment and then replied.
During one of my lowest points, I began to ask myself a very simple question. I hadn't had the privilege to ask it previously as I was way too busy trying to stay alive. "What if...?"
I had become so pushed into a corner of victimization that instead of fighting my way out as usual, I finally conceded to the fact that I needed to come up with a new plan -a new attitude. My old perspective clearly sucked and I finally realized that I was as much a part of the problem as those by whom I was surrounded. Not only was it a come-to-Jesus moment, it changed my life completely.

What if I left an abusive job or relationship?

What if I decided to look for the good in every day, even the tiniest evidence?

What if I allowed myself to realize my own power and see how I gave it away too freely?

What if I searched for the truth of who I am at the highest soul level?

And the MOST IMPORTANT"what if"?

What if I saw my life experiences as schooling and not punishments?

My life began to take an upward swing from that moment on. Not always easy by any stretch of the imagination, but so much more understanding, compassion, love and joy.

What if...?

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